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Socialite Connections is an exclusive membership & social club for everyone who enjoys networking, socializing and connecting with new people and making new friends.

Members will enrich their lifestyle, access a range of valuable benefits, and enjoy both weekly and monthly prestigious professional & social networking events in London!

Socialite Connections was formed because Michelle M is passionate about helping people make connections, which advance them in their personal and professional lives.

She found most networking events were too formal in their style and wished to maintain the fun social element whilst providing structure and platforms to allow people to ‘talk business.

Socialite Connections will be held as both weekly & monthly social and professional business networking events.

You will get the opportunity to mix and mingle with like-minded individuals and professionals and make new connections and long lasting friendships.

Michelle M – Socialite Connections Founder


Our MIssion

Our Goal

To make the UK’s most popular, fun and exciting professional get-togethers. We aim to provide the perfect settings for people to come together and grow their business network. Socialite Connections thrive on having the most diverse collection of professionals in the country.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We want Socialite Connections to be the leading professional networking company, supporting its members to great prosperity and success. Socialite connections will deliver companies and individuals to profit by first placing them in the same room.

Our Mission

Our Focus

To get people of one mind environments that foster rapport and encourage cooperation. To help entrepreneurs realise their opportunities for growth by placing them with compatible individuals.

Member Testimonial

I have started attending Michelle's events right after the last lockdown since I realised that I need to meet more people in London. I never regretted it! Everything is always very well organised, the venues are great, and I always meet interesting people. You could tell that Michelle puts her heart into these events, and I will definitely be attending more!


Member Testimonial

Michelle ensures the very best for her members, from free welcome drinks for early arrivals to free food for everyone. These things make Socialite Connections events the most popular nights in the city. Michelle is one of the best organisers in London. I'm pleased to be a socialite Connections member, and I will continue going to her events.


Member Testimonial

Socialite Connections fully lives up to expectations. The business delivers elite and exclusive events which have a friendly and bubbly vibe to them. The name and brand couldn’t be more appropriate. Michelle is a lovely host. Her warm Irish charm has something magical about it and makes everyone feel happy and welcome. She embraces diversity and accepts members for who they are. She has a positive outlook, and her natural talent of being a ‘people person helps others nurture connections and friendships.


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