Speed Friending in Soho, Ages 27 – 36
Speed Friending in Soho, Ages 27 – 36

Speed Friending in Soho, Ages 27 – 36

Speed Friending in Soho, Ages 27 - 36

03 June


Come join Socialite Connections we are an established Membership & Social Club that brings people together for fun and laughter, for people who find themselves on their own….

If you are looking for a fun night out, ready to make new friends in a safe environment. Look no further then Socialite Connections for our Speed Friending Event.


Do you want to connect with 15 – 20 people in Session? Great, then you are ready for Socialite Connections – Speed Friending.


• Do you want to make new friends & improve your social life?
• Do you like to have deep conversations with new friends?
• Is it difficult to talk to strangers & make friends?
• Do you feel alone & there's nobody to understand you?
• Do you want to overcome your shyness, fears & connect with people?
• Are you a friendly person with positive & supportive attitude?


Come & join you will be chatting one-on-one in deeper conversations style! You’ll find likeminded friends who are also looking for new friends. This is an encouraging & positive environment to create new friendships.


Mostly everyone is aware about Speed Dating but not many know about "Speed Friending". Speed Friending is much similar to "Speed Dating" minus the "Dating". Here, the concept of "Dating" is applied to your social life where you meet people just like yourself, face to face, one person at time.


If you are NEW to my events or thinking of joining – It’s fine to come on your own. When you arrive Michelle will be there to introduce you to the other guests. Most people attending will come on their own; it’s a brilliant way to make new friends.

How our event works:

6pm – Arrival for check in and collect your name badge & Introductions to each other.

6.30pm – Event starts, expect to meet around 15-20 people in 4 / 5 minute time session.

Any guests arriving late will not be able to take part until after the break in the next session, so please ensure you arrive 15 – 30 minutes before the scheduled start time to allow for registration.

When all the guests have arrived the host will explain how the event will work.

7.15pm – There will be a 15 min break to get a drink at the bar, go to the bathroom to freshen up, or just take a breather before we start the event again.

7.30pm – Event starts again.

8.00pm – Event finishes, all guests are welcome to stay and enjoy chatting with each other.

This event will be hosted till 9pm; you may stay on after this time.

Flow of the Event:

The event is organized in a round‐robin “speed friending” style, with attendees rotating in small groups to engage in open discussions with other seated attendees. There will be time to mingle with other attendees before and after the speed networking rounds.

Follow up with individuals with whom you made a connection.

If you feel that there is the possibility of furthering a friendship with a contact, express that to the person during your session. Be direct: let him or her know that you would like to have another meeting or follow-up call, and propose a date and time.

The key to making the most of Speed Friending is to follow up with your contacts over time to develop credible business relationships.

We have reserved the VIP Room for our event from 6pm, however, due to the limited capacity, we will be sold out for sure before the event and early booking is essential.

*Tickets need to be bought online in advance only and are not available at the door.

When you arrive ask for Michelle/ Socialite Connections. You will be directed to the reserved area. If you have any questions call Michelle on 0776177984

You must buy a ticket in advance to attend this exclusive event..


Speed Friending in Soho, Ages 27 - 36